Wave CXM Referrals & Sharing

Increase word of mouth & customer advocacy

Let your customers help you acquire new ones, share their benefits with friends.
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All the referral features you need to reach your potential

Motivate your customers to acquire new ones for you!

  • Offer referral codes
  • Provide bonus contest participation
  • Conduct coupon campaigns

Let your customers enjoy your offering with their loved ones

Now your customers can share and earn rewards together with their intimates and share the fun as well via:
  • Points
  • Coupons

Reward customers for their donations to organisations and causes!

  • Offer them money back
  • Reward them with points
  • Provide coupons

Focus on critical segments

Automate your operations with our integrated segmentation tools, powered by Machine Learning.
Benefits of the segmentation tool
20+ dimensions to segment
Benefits of the segmentation tool
Automated churn detection
Benefits of the segmentation tool
Add custom dimensions for your data

Ride the wave by managing all the Referrals and Sharing options

Sharing can take many forms and shapes, from informing our friends about a new favourite product or an amazing offer we just discovered, to sharing the benefits of coupons earned. That's why customer referrals and word of mouth are among the most powerful tools of an organisation to attract and retain customers.

Referrals & Sharing are even better with Rewards

  • Use rewards as prizes.
    Motivate your customers to onboard their friends to your brand with coupons and point rewards.
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Enhance your rewarding with referrals

Referrals & Sharing are even better with Coupons

  • Coupons as incentives.
    Coupons is an ideal reward to incentivize both your customers to refer and their referrals to onboard.
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Incentivize customers with coupons

Referrals & Sharing are even better with Contests & Giveaways

  • Exclusivity as incentive.
    Users are more likely to convert for a referral, if an exclusive Contest or Giveaway is running.
  • Set referrals to count as contest participations.
    The more referrals your customers bring, the bigger chances they have to win!
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Have your customers recruiting

Referrals & Sharing are even better with Gamification

  • Gamification scheme as incentive.
    Users are more likely to convert for a referral, if they know they will be rewarded consistently via your gamification scheme.
  • Make referrals a part of your scheme.
    Provide levels, badges and rewards, depending on the referrals your customers bring.
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Bring joy & a sense of achievement

Referrals & Sharing are even better with Partnerships

  • Multiply your Referral impact with partnerships.
    Provide unique opportunities and attract new customers, by adding partners.
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Move fast and don't break things

Referrals & Sharing are even better with Discovery

  • Make them aware at the right time.
    Inform a friend about an event you set, motivate them for sharing and grow your ecosystem.
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Go fast, go big

Manage & monitor with ease

A centralized place where all your Word of Mouth strategy can be orchestrated. Create and manage all the Referrals & Sharing options that you provide to your customers.
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Manage Referrals

View or Monitor, add, edit and delete Referrals & Sharing options.


Manage rules, like number of winners or runners-up, define prizes and set dates.
Connect Solutions

Connect Solutions

Increase referral value by associating them with mini-games, coupons, reward schemes and more.

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