Wave CXM Partnerships

Expand your offered value through partnerships

Increase usage opportunities and benefit options, without the paperwork, with our easy management tools.
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Create an extended network of Partners where rewarding is a way of life for customers

Extending your offering through your partners network

The more your customers interact with your partners' networks, the more they are rewarded, thanks to you.
  • Export Coupons
    Allow your partners to integrate your brand in their offerings
  • Import Coupons
    Incorporate your partner's coupons into your offerings
  • Rewards
    Let your customers earn and redeem points for activities across your partner network

Promote your partnerships in imaginative and fun ways

Implement co-branded activations and create hype around your joint offers, via Gamification solution:
  • Mini-games
  • Quizzes/Polls
  • Contests

Focus on critical segments

Automate your operations with our integrated segmentation tools, powered by Machine Learning.
Benefits of the segmentation tool
20+ dimensions to segment
Benefits of the segmentation tool
Automated churn detection
Benefits of the segmentation tool
Add custom dimensions for your data

Ride the wave by connecting your Partnerships

Link your Partnerships to other Wave CXM Solutions to reward mini-games or contests winners with partners' coupons, implement co-branded activations in order to create hype around your joint offers and many more.

Partnerships are even better with Rewards

  • Partnerships multiply your scheme's impact.
    By adding and managing partners, you provide more collection opportunities and redemption options for your customers.
  • Rewards scheme is more valuable with the right Partnerships.
    Let your customers earn and redeem points for activities across your partner network.
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Introduce Partnerships into your reward scheme

Partnerships are even better with Coupons

  • Import 3rd party Coupons.
    Importing coupons from your Partners is the fastest way of building business partnerships.
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Provide instant gratification, from you & your partners

Partnerships are even better with Contests & Giveaways

  • Partnerships multiply your Contests & Giveaways impact.
    Provide unique opportunities and events for your customers, by adding partners.
Provide exclusivity and build engagement

Partnerships are even better with Gamification

  • Multiply your Gamification impact with Partnerships.
    Provide unique prizes for your customers, by making new partnerships.
  • Create hype around your joint offers.
    Implementing co-branded activations is appealing for customers.
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Great Partnerships multiply your Gamification impact

Partnerships are even better with Referrals

  • Partnerships as incentive.
    Users are more likely to convert for a referral, if they are interested in your Partners and rewards they receive from them.
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Have your customers recruiting

Partnerships are even better with Discovery

  • Target the right customers.
    Use quizzes and polls to create segmentation and taste profiles, in order to build the right Partnerships.
  • Deliver at the right time.
    Set notifications for the best conversion times or when they reach one of your or your Partners' touch-points.
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Always get it right

Build and manage meaningful partnerships

Manage your relationships with your business partners in a centralized manner and provide them with a self-service mechanism that will reduce the overhead of the collaboration.
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Add and edit Partners, monitor or delete them easily.


Adjust important parameters like partnership types, branding elements and more.

Partners Selfservice

Partners can validate and redeem coupons, view their coupon history, and self-manage their account.

Import Coupons

Import coupons from partners to create a unified experience.

Redemption options

SDKs, APIs, & touch-points for Web, Mobile, SMS & other integrations for Merchants.

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