Wave CXM Contests & Giveaways

Increase engagement with automated contests

Built up anticipation and excitement about your product, without all the hassle.
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It has never been easier to run contests through your product.

🎲 Giveaway Draws

Engage customers for an extended period of time and trigger them to perform one or more actions to increase their chances of winning.

⏲️ Speed Contests

Create interest and awareness for new offers and partnerships, by motivating customers to compete in terms of reaction speed.

🔗 Multi-interaction Contests

Make the most out of your product, as any customer interaction across your touch-points could serve as a participation in a contest or giveaway.

Mix and match prizes, to create your ideal engagement strategy

  • Products and Services
    Use any digital or physical product and service.
  • Coupons
    No hassle of logistics or extra costs.
  • Points
    Easily redeemable through your platform.
  • Contests
    "Tournament of champions" experience.
  • Each and every prize or combination
    Any combination of the above.

Let your customers know when:

  • A new contest is starting,
  • The contest is about to get expired,
  • The limited participation slots are about to be covered,
  • They are one of the big winners!

Focus on critical segments

Automate your operations with our integrated segmentation tools, powered by Machine Learning.
Benefits of the segmentation tool
20+ dimensions to segment
Benefits of the segmentation tool
Automated churn detection
Benefits of the segmentation tool
Add custom dimensions for your data

Ride the wave by connecting your Contests & Giveaways

Link your Contests & Giveaways to other Wave CXM Solutions to target customer segments, to reduce exposure by requiring points redemption to participate, to run exclusive giveaways
for mini-game winners, badge holders and many more.

Contests & Giveaways are even better with Rewards

  • Convert points to participation.
    Reduce exposure by requiring points redemption to participate in exclusive Contests & Giveaways.
  • Use points as prizes.
    Re-enforce your scheme and simplify your operations, by using points or cash-backs to award some Contests & Giveaways winners.
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Introduce the surprise element into your rewarding

Contests & Giveaways are even better with Coupons

  • Coupons as Prizes.
    Remove all the logistics hassle, by providing coupons as your prizes and greatly increase the frequency you can run contests.
  • Coupons as a participation entry.
    Further incentivize the redemption of a coupon by using it as the participation method for exclusive contests.
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Make your awards easier to get for your winners

Contests & Giveaways are even better with Gamification

  • Contest Participation as game prize.
    Build engagement by giving out participations each time customer plays or wins a game.
  • Provide exclusivity for leveled-up customers.
    Supercharge your gamification levels by providing value to engage users.
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Bring joy & a sense of achievement

Contests & Giveaways are even better with Referrals

  • Exclusivity as incentive.
    Users are more likely to convert for a referral, if an exclusive Contest or Giveaway is running.
  • Set referrals to count as contest participations.
    The more referrals your customers bring, the bigger chances they have to win!
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Have your customers recruiting

Contests & Giveaways are even better with Partnerships

  • Multiply your Contests & Giveaways impact with partnerships.
    Provide unique opportunities and events for your customers, by adding partners.
  • Easy admission at events.
    Partners at events can easily burn coupons via QR codes, with zero integration.
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Move fast and don't break things

Contests & Giveaways are even better with Discovery

  • Target the right customers.
    Use segmentation and taste profiles to notify targeted customer for relevant Contests & Giveaways.
  • Deliver at the right time.
    Set notifications for the best conversion times or when they reach one of your touch-points.
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Always get it right

Manage & monitor with ease

Creating and managing Contests & Giveaways is almost as fun as participating in them. Everything is taking place in a carefully orchestrated, end-to-end digital process, allowing to execute multiple contests with minimum overhead.
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Manage Contests

Create new Contests, Run them, View, Add, Edit, and Delete them.


Manage rules, like number of winners or runners-up, define prizes and set dates.
Connect Solutions

Connect Solutions

Increase contests value by associating them with mini-games, coupons, reward schemes and more.

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